By C. Rose on January 09, 2023

January 2023 DIY Recipe: Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner

Winter is still upon us and as we ride out the last few months of cold weather keeping yourself and your family healthy is a priority.

We have done several versions of cleaners and disinfectants because Ethyl Alcohol is one of the best fool-proof ways to zap germs. Not only does this recipe smell great, but it contains no chemicals and is SO easy with only 2 ingredients! Interchange lemons for orange peels, or add a stick of cinnamon or a few drops of essential oils to customize your scent.

Ethyl Alcohol at a 70% or higher concentration is proven to kill respiratory viruses and other unpleasant germs. For the best results, clean your surfaces and then spray your Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner and let sit for at least 10 seconds before wiping with a clean cloth.

As with anything containing high-proof ethanol or essential oils, beware of spraying on some surfaces or fabrics, and never spray near heat sources or open flame (this is high-proof!). If you would like to dilute the mixture and reduce the alcohol content, using a *3/4 dilution will keep the mixture over 70% still making it effective at killing germs.


      • 4-6 lemons (organic is best!)
      • 8-12 oz Organic Alcohol (we used Organic Cane)
      • 16 oz Mason Jar
      • Glass Spray Bottle
      • Metal Strainer
      • Distilled water (if you plan to dilute!)


      1. Wash and Peel lemons

      2. Place lemon peels in Mason Jar

      3. Cover with Organic Alcohol (make sure all peels are covered!

      4. Let sit for at least 1 week in a cool, dark place (shake every few days)

      5. Strain peels

      6. Dilute the mixture with distilled water (if you would like 71% abv)

      7. Pour Alcohol into a spray bottle, label

Wishing you all a healthy, organic start to the new year!


*Dilute your alcohol with 3/4 parts 95% spirits to 1/4 water, this will give you approx. a 71% alcohol mixture.


Published by C. Rose January 9, 2023