By C. Rose on September 11, 2023

September 2023 DIY Recipe: Chamomile Bitters

DIY RECIPES-GreenRibbon-WhiteTextTinctures, bitters, and extracts seem to be very similar as all use a solvent to draw the plant components out. Extracts can be made with vinegar, water, and glycerin, while tinctures and bitters are usually made with alcohol. Extracts also tend to be a single plant, while tinctures and bitters can comprise many plants in one blend. Bitters, what we are making today, contain (you guessed it) a ‘bitter’ component that has specific medicinal effects.

This is a simple recipe to get you started and the herbs chosen can be substituted, as long as you are keeping the bitter component. Bitters work by signaling from your tastebuds that there is a bitter toxin present which stimulates your vagus nerve and your gut to communicate. If you want to know more in-depth about the process, check out Mountain Rose’s explanation here. For those who are relatively new to the herbal world, there is a wealth of knowledge and nuance to the use and application of herbs, and proper uses should be understood!

We celebrate many herbalists who happily share their teachings, knowledge, and products with the public. If creating an herbal tincture or bitter isn’t in your cards, check out our Customer Spotlights for some great links to folks who can provide carefully curated herbal products, or check the links below!



      • 2 tbs chamomile flower, dried

      • 2 tbs white peppercorns

      • 2 tbs dandelion root

      • 2 tbs angelica root 

      • 10 cardamom pods

      • 8 oz Organic Alcohol

      • 2 oz distilled water


      1. In mortar and pestle gently break up your herbs together (you can also smush with the back of a spoon if you need). the goal is to agitate the herbs slightly and make sure the cardamom pods are opened. 

      2. Add herbs to a Mason jar

      3. Top with alcohol, then water (4/1 spirits at 190-proof to water will equal about at 71% abv)

      4. Let sit in a cool dark place, shaking every couple of days for at least 2 weeks (test for your desired strength)

      5. When extracted to your flavor preference, strain out herbs

      6. Pour your bitters into a glass dropped or bitters bottle and label

Use your bitters in sparkling water, in a cocktail, or as an addition to your cup of tea! 

Other Bitter Roots 

There are several bitter herbs that can be used in herbal bitters to give the right bittering effect. In classic Angostora bitters, gentian and cinchona bark are used but you can also use yarrow root or dandelion leaves. Find herbs that compliment the flavor profile and your desired use.

Some wonderful combinations can be created for a range of uses! Make sure to check allergies and herbal reactions before ingestion.

Not into making your own? We have some suggestions...

Cedarhill Homestead: The Bitter Beginning Tincture

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Bennett Bitters: Wild Hunt Bitters

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Small batched and hand bottled under a full moon.

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Bitter Queens: Cannon Ball Cate, Caribbean Spice Bitters

"A swashbuckler from an early age, Cannonball Cate has traveled the seven seas and returned with a treasure trove of exotic spices and rich botanicals."

Midgaarb: The Bitter North 

"If you’ve spent some time eating wild herbs straight from the forest, you probably noticed nature is dominated by one flavor: Bitter! As beings of the Earth, we have an evolutionary need to eat bitters, as eating them has always been a crucial part of our ancestral diets."

Earthley:  Digestive-Support (DigestiveBitters)

"Four herbs in an organic cane alcohol and filtered water base create the perfect herbal digestive bitters. Promote better nutrient absorption while alleviating symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea with Digest-Support {Digestive Bitters}."


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Published by C. Rose September 11, 2023