By C. Rose on October 06, 2023

October 2023 DIY Recipe: Herbal Throat Spray

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It’s the time of year when we are hitting the elderberry and the echinacea to keep the colds at bay. If you need something else to add to your cabinet of healing herbal remedies, our simple throat spray is a great addition.

Honey, Sage, and Marshmallow root are all used to help a sore throat. With this simple recipe, you can create an all-natural spray to ease throat discomfort.

πŸ”† Honey has antibacterial properties and has been a remedy for sore throats for centuries.
πŸ”† Marshmallow Root has a substance called mucilage that can lubricate the throat.
πŸ”† Sage is known for its antibacterial qualities in the mouth and is also antiviral and astringent.
πŸ”† Organic Cane Alcohol helps act as a preservative, allows for faster absorption, and of course, is the solvent for your herbal tinctures.

This recipe is just a basic version, you can add other herbs like echinacea, ginger, and garlic to bolster your remedy. As with all herbal concoctions, make sure to test for allergies and consult with an herbal practitioner if you have any concerns.



      • 4 oz Organic Cane alcohol (you can also use ANY of our Organic spirits for this application, depending on your preference)

      • 2 oz marshmallow root

      • 2-3 oz dried sage (fresh can be used as well, although gently drying the sage also works)

      • 1 oz distilled water

      • 1 oz honey

      • 1/2 oz apple cider vinegar

      • Pinch of Salt


      1. Start by adding your Marshmallow Root and Sage into a pint jar, pour in Organic Alcohol to cover

      2. Let sit for at least 2 weeks in a dark cool place

      3. Strain our herbs

      4. Add in Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, water, and a pinch of salt

      5. Lid, and shake vigorously until well combined

      6. Pour into darkly colored spray bottle and label (don't forget the date)
      Keep refrigerated for best results (it also adds a nice cooling effect on those irritated throats)

Not into making your own? We have some suggestions...

Earthley: Herbal Throat Spray

"Herbal Throat Spray provides relief from sore throats without compromising ingredients. This spray is infused with anti-viral herbs and has a pleasant, sweet flavor. Banish sore throats naturally with cooling peppermint, while your immune system gets the support it needs."

Wise Woman: Throat Mist

"Supports normal healthy tissue of the throat during times of normal irritation."

Herb Pharm: Soothing Throat Spray

"Relief of minor throat irritation. Supports healthy function of the immune system."

Need Organic Alcohol?


Published by C. Rose October 6, 2023