By C. Rose on July 10, 2023

July 2023 DIY Recipe: Making Flavor Extracts

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We have showcased a Toasted Coconut Extract in a DIY before, but we get asked often about how to make simple extracts like vanilla. It’s so easy, you may not be purchasing these flavor extracts from the grocery store ever again!

The process is simple, but sourcing the best, organic ingredients and processing them for the desired outcome is where the real work is. We have featured a few of the most requested flavor extracts, but with all our DIYs, get creative and have fun! These are great for baking, bitters, and even the base for perfume!

Almond Extract: Commonly used in baking to flavor all kinds of things, including adding to cherry pie! Start with RAW, skinless almonds for the best end product. Blanching the almonds first keeps them from becoming bitter. You’ll need to have about 6 oz to fill the mason jar about halfway.

Vanilla Extract: Most sought-after for baking delicious treats, vanilla is a staple in many-a-baking cupboards. High-quality vanilla beans should be crushed slightly and sliced lengthwise to release all those Making Flavor Extract flavorsome little beans. Vanilla can be spendy, you can sometimes find better prices by buying bulk online. You’ll need at least 8 beans for a 12 oz extraction!

Orange Extract: While orange may not be the most common extract, it is useful to have around for cleaning products, bug-repellents, cocktails;), or even natural mouthwash! Thoroughly clean organic oranges (any type will do). You can also soak them overnight in water to make sure all impurities are off the peel. Peel oranges carefully, removing any pith (the white stuff) from the peel as it can be bitter. Collect enough peels to fill your jar at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the way full.



   For the Infusion:

      • Your prepared extract ingredient of choice

      • 16 oz Mason jar

      • 8-12 oz of Organic Alcohol (experiment on which enhances your extract to your taste)

      • 1 oz of distilled water (if diluting 8 oz spirit for a lower ABV final extract of 8:1, or approx. 85% abv)

      • Metal or cheesecloth strainer

      • Dark glass bottles for storing, with labels

      • Patience!


            For the infusion:
      1. Place your intended extract ingredient in a Mason jar, processed as listed above

      2. Pour over Organic Alcohol, making to cover your extract ingredient fully

      3. If you desire a lower abv, add in your distilled water, always making sure to keep the alcohol at least 80% or higher

      4. Lid tightly, and shake

      5. Store in a cool dark place for the required time: orange peel 6 weeks, almonds 8-10 weeks, vanilla beans 6 months (check regularly to taste and check ingredients are still below alcohol level)

      6. When it’s time, strain your extract

      7. Transfer to small bottles and make sure to label and date


Ready to try your extract?

Here is a fun cocktail recipe perfect for the colder weather (which is about when your July Vanilla Extract will be ready, Chilean Monkey Tail Punch.

Or if you are looking for something sweet, this Golden Beet and Orange Cake uses BOTH vanilla and orange extract or a classic favorite Almond Meltaway Cookies!

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Published by C. Rose July 10, 2023