By C. Rose on April 11, 2023

February 2022 DIY Recipe: Ginger Tincture


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Ginger has been a long-time remedy known for aiding digestion and easing nausea, but you can use it for so much more. Great in smoothies, baking, cooking, and more, this is a good tincture to have around the house.

Herbal extracts are a great way to capture the benefits of your herbs for use all year round. While you can extract in many ways, tinctures specifically use alcohol as the solvent (also known as a menstruum). Since we have a lot of premium organic alcohol around here, tincturing is a go-to for us.

This very simple preparation uses a slightly lower percentage than the recommended percentage for this tincture, which is approximately 70%. Doing a 2/3 ratio makes it easy to eyeball the dilution with our 190-proof alcohol to around 63% at home. While you can macerate or slice your ginger in many ways, I found slicing it lengthwise is the easiest, and gets the job done!

While we love a DIY here at OAC, there are many books, articles, and other resources that have a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Also, if you aren’t keen on making it yourself, we know plenty of herbal companies that have top-of-the-line products you can purchase. Links below!

With any herbal remedy, you should be aware of how it may interact with other medications you may be taking, or any allergies or preexisting illnesses.


      • 6 oz. OAC Organic Cane 190-proof Alcohol
      • 3 oz. Distilled Water
      • Organic Ginger Root, approx. 4-6 oz (you want to fill Mason jar 1/3-1/2 way full)
      • 12 oz. Mason Jar
      • Cheesecloth


      1. Mix Organic Cane alcohol and distilled water in a clean container
      2. Wash and slice ginger lengthwise
      3. Add Ginger to the mason jar
      4. Pour in diluted Organic Alcohol mixture to top of jar
      5. Close jar tightly and shake
      6. Place mason jar in a dark, cool place for at least 6 weeks, shaking weekly
      7. Once completed, strain out the ginger with a cheesecloth
      8. Pour the tincture into dark bottles and label and date


    Reference Books:

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Published by C. Rose April 11, 2023