By C. Rose on February 17, 2023




Download Recipe Card in PDF Format -  'Spirited' Summer Cherries

Whether baked in a sweet treat or eaten right out of the bag, cherries are a summer staple.

There is something elemental about preserving summer abundance to ration through the cold winter months. From canning peaches to sun-drying herbs and tomatoes, preserving can take on many forms. Since we have an abundance of the best Organic spirits around, one of my favorite methods is to preserve fruits (and even vegetables) in alcohol.

Preserving summer fruits in alcohol has been an age-old recipe dating back centuries. Soaked in brandy or other spirits that are proofed at least 60% alcohol content, the end of summer harvests regularly ended up as 'brandied fruits'. Although the recipe varies between cultures, there is always a high-proof spirit added to keep out bacteria, as well as sugar and spices to compliment the fruit. Rumtopf is a well-known German recipe using, you guessed it, rum and a variety of summer fruits as harvests come in.

Although this process takes a few months to get the fruits, sugars, and alcohol to combine properly, the wait is worth it. Cherries fit this process perfectly, and if you start this recipe now, these alcohol-soaked cherries will be ready just in time for your holiday parties.

Our recipe uses fresh, sweet cherries with pits intact, which allows the fruit to keep more of its color and structure. Tart cherries can be used, but you may need to increase the amount of sugar for a more decadent effect. You can also add a variety of spices dependent on your pallet. I went with a simple cinnamon stick, some star anise, and cardamom. I intend to add a few strips of Orange peel to the mix closer to the finish date.

These boozy fruits can be used on cakes or in baking or eaten straight. Leaving stems will give you something to grab onto, especially if you plan on popping one in your Manhattan. These are the perfect companion to your holiday cocktail menu as a garnish, and the remaining liquid is a flavorful and boozy cherry liquor to add to drinks. You can also drain, dry, and dip in chocolate for a sweet dessert. Just make sure you pit these before you serve.

The hardest part of this recipe will be waiting to eat them! Your end product will be pretty alcoholic, so enjoy them responsibly.

Note: If you choose to do this with other fruits, the waiting times may vary from as little as 4 weeks to the full 12 weeks recommended for this recipe.



        • 1 lb Fresh Cherries, stems clipped
          Enough cherries to fill your Mason Jar
        • 2 cups Raw Organic Sugar
        • 4 to 6 ounces Organic Neutral Spirits
        • 4 ounces Distilled Water
        • 16-ounce Mason Jar
        • Whole Spices
          I used 1 whole Cinnamon stick, 3 Cardamon pods, and 2 Star Anise


      1. Rinse Cherries
      2. Fill your Mason Jar with Cherries to the top
      3. In a sauce-pan, heat Distilled Water and Sugar until Sugar is dissolved, let cool
      4. Pour Water/Sugar mixture over Cherries
      5. Pour Organic Spirits over Cherries
        Make sure Cherries are fully covered, you can add more Organic Spirits if needed
      6. Add in Whole Spices
      7. Tightly lid the Jar and shake to mix Sugar/Water and Alcohol
      8. Place Jar in a cool dark place, and leave for at least 6 weeks
        The Longer the Better!


Published by C. Rose February 17, 2023